Monday, August 17, 2015

Emmett D. Marx

Emmett Marx
Tee Johnson emailed me last week with the news that Emmett had passed away in Taos, NM on August 9th. Emmett was one of nine children of Louis Marx, who sold his eponymous toy company to Quaker Oats three years after we graduated. Several of his brothers (Spencer '67, Bradley '70 and Curtis '72) were contemporaries of ours at Deerfield. As was his habit with his sons, Mr. Marx named Emmett Dwight after military figures he knew, in his case Emmett O'Donnell and Dwight D. Eisenhower. It is my understanding that President Eisenhower, with whom Mr. Marx had a long association, was Emmett's godfather.

Emmett entered Deerfield as a freshman, and it appears that he never looked back after he graduated as evidenced by the fact that his name is nowhere to be found in the Deerfield Alumni Directory App. What is known is that Emmett was an early practitioner of "classical five-element" acupuncture in the Bay Area and later in New Mexico. A former colleague of many years paid tribute on his website to Emmett's "quick wit and humor, his great skill, as well as his deep concern, care and compassion for his patients". If you have recollections of Emmett that you would like to share privately with classmates, you can post them on the "In Memoriam" page on our Google site, Albany Road Redux.