Sunday, September 07, 2014

A Celebration of the Life of Robert L. Merriam

To the Great Class of 1969:

Defying a heat index of over 100 yesterday, family, friends, former colleagues and students congregated in The Brick Church to remember Mr. Merriam. I had planned to summarize the service until I discovered a video posted by Ed Flickinger '65 this morning. While the camera is a bit shaky at times, I think you will prefer hearing the recollections of Rev. Peter B. Ives '61, Headmaster Emeritus Eric Widmer '57 and his wife Meera and a poem written by Mr. Merriam which his eight grandchildren read. The video does not include the singing of The Deerfield Evensong at the conclusion of the service which, in my judgment, may well have been the most moving part of the ceremony judging by some of the faces I saw.

Following the service there was a reception in the Caswell Library (f/k/a the Browsing Library) in the Main School Building. Among those faculty members from our era in attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Morsman, Mr. Brush, Mr. Hammond, Mr. Young and Coach Smith. I was joined by Neil JacobsSteve BisbeeDave Suitor, Michael Buerger and, of course, Frank Henry. Before heading off in different directions, several of us drove past Eaglebrook to Laurel Hill Cemetery where Mr. Merriam had been laid to rest in July, not far from the Boyden family plot and many other masters from that period.

School is back in full swing as of last Friday when classes began.

Best wishes to all.