Thursday, June 06, 2013

Spring Term Report Card - 2013

To the Great Class of 1969:

The Academy held its 214th Commencement on May 26th, and the rest of the school dispersed the following Friday until next fall. In case you’re wondering whether my urge to time the posting my blog to coincide with these seasonal milestones may be waning, the answer is “No”, particularly with our 45th Reunion now just a year away. My usual end of term report card is delayed this year for the simple reason that I thought that to post it without telling you where this year’s graduating class was heading would be the equivalent of an “incomplete”, which was worse than delaying it a week.

News of the Academy

As it turns out, the 191 members of this year’s graduating class are dispersing to 79 colleges, up from 67 a year ago. This diaspora plus the fact that 35 colleges are getting just one newly-minted Deerfield alum highlight how dexterous the college placement office needs to be these days. Yale and Dartmouth proved the two most popular with ten each. Overall, 25% of the class will be going to Ivy League schools.

Boys Lacrosse got off to a rocky start, losing its season opener to Brunswick, but never looked back. The team finished the season 15-1, ranking first in New England and seventh nationally. Also of note this spring, Deerfield won the 2013 New England Girls’ Water Polo Championship. The team finished 16-0 in league play.

What we have always known as the Memorial Building is being transformed into the Deerfield Center for the Arts beginning this summer. Construction is scheduled be completed in time for the beginning of the 2014-2015 academic year. You can read the full story in the May issue of The Scroll.

We all know by now that the email in January that named Mr. Hindle was followed up in March with a second email confirming the original allegations and disclosing that the inquiry had uncovered other inappropriate behavior. This was a disappointing, if not a surprising outcome, and the reaction of the members of the Class I was in touch with was muted. While some initially questioned the need to look for skeletons in the closet after so many years, all expressed sadness. As a reminder, you can post your own thoughts on our Class’s members-only Google site if you wish.

News of the Class

Charlie Bishop is now President and CEO of the Renal Products division of OpKo Health. OpKo completed the previously announced acquisition of Cytochroma, which Charlie headed, in March. On June 4th he spoke at the Jefferies global healthcare conference.

From the alumni website of New York Medical College comes this bit of news, “Richard C. Prokesch, M.D. ’76, continues in the private practice of adult infectious diseases with two other physicians. He is also on the board of directors of their primary hospital and for the past two years served as chair. His daughter is in her first year of an infectious diseases fellowship and plans to join the practice upon completion”.

Christopher Beach, the President and Artistic Director of the La Jolla Music Society since 2005, is going strong. This spring the organization announced 29 concerts, the most in its 45-year history.

Money Matters

Imagine Deerfield moved $27 million closer to its $200 million goal since this time a year ago, and now stands at $140 million according to the website. 

For those members of the Class who contribute to Annual Support each year but who have not done so yet, please remember that the fiscal year ends on June 30th.  Here’s a link for the well-intentioned which will spare you a follow-up e-mail or call from John Kjorlien.

In case you were thinking about upgrading from the dorms to the Deerfield Inn for our 45th Reunion next June 6-8, you’re already too late.  The Inn, which had been closed since Hurricane Irene flooded the Lower Level and Main Street in August 2011, reopened in April following a $2 million renovation.

Classes begin on September 6th. Make the most of the summer.

Best wishes to all.