Sunday, October 09, 2005

October Musings

To the Great Class of 1969:

I just returned from a rain-drenched weekend at Deerfield where I had gone for a series of meetings on Volunteerism and the financial state of the school. This is the sixth of such annual get-togethers and the second that I have attended. On account of the standout performance of the Class last year, I was strategically seated for dinner on Friday next to John Knight, the Director of Annual Support, who had asked me in advance to speak to the other class representatives on the topic of communications. While we did not achieve the exemplary status of the legendary classes of 1961 (112 donors), 1964 (94 donors) or 1966 (70 donors), we clearly are on the path to redemption. Thank you for your support this past year, which I am counting on you now more than ever to renew since I have agreed to serve on the Steering Committee for Annual Support.

The deluge on Saturday forced cancellation of most - but not enough in retrospect - of the day's scheduled contests. As I drove down Albany Road on my way home, the bus carrying the Hotchkiss football team ominously arrived. This year's game represented a reversal of fortune from last year's shut out win, and Hotchkiss swam back to Lakeville the victor, 21-0. For an account of the game, see Deerfield Athletics. For more pictures of the athletic fields, go to Ten Inches of Rain in One Day.

Today I took my son Nick to the Audio Engineering Society's annual show at the Javits Convention Center in NYC, courtesy of Tee Johnson, who demonstrated for us the professional quality microphones he is producing in Buenos Aires at a booth for his company T.H.E. Audio. In addition to exhibition booths for over 1,000 companies, there also were seminars for the true believers on such arcane topics as "The Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers", "Delta-Sigma Converters" and "Planar Magnetics". Tee will explain all of that and more at the next reunion.

Over and out.