Tuesday, August 16, 2005

G7 Summit Meeting in NYC

O'Gara, Beach, Lacey, Squires, Kjorlien, Bisbee, Johnson, H.T.

The Group of Seven convened for dinner in New York at The Union Club in July for its first meeting since graduation. There was universal agreement that the intervening years had treated some more kindly than others and that the Group should not wait another 36 years for its next gathering. Therefore, a tentative date of November 11th has been circled so as to coincide with the week of the annual dinner of the Atlantic Salmon Federation which Robert Clough has indicated he will be attending. In the words of one G7 member, "I am still amazed how people could seemingly pick up conversations that started decades ago. There really is a bond formed during those Deerfield years." Another member wrote, "No matter that I did not "hang out" a lot with many of the classmates of the last G7 dinner; we had an immediate and deep bond that transcended any of our previous experience together and emanated from a respect for the intelligence, perseverance, and experience of the last 36 years. In celebrating all of the things that are similar and that bring us together we have celebrated the best of ourselves and the best of what our "Deerfield experience" gave us. This is what our class shares and what we should always support."