Tuesday, February 01, 2005

February 2005 Letter

Members of the Great Class of 1969:

Since I last wrote, we have added a number of new e-mail addresses to the distribution list, and are now up to 79. While our mailing list is considerably more complete, we have completely lost track of the following Classmates:

Doug Collins
Bill Guthrie
Jay Hand
John Harding
Tee Johnson
Todd Johnson
Hugh Lawrence
Dennis Mitchell
John Moore
Phil Poirier
John Updike
Kim White

If you have information on their whereabouts or the e-mail addresses of others not on this distribution, please send it along to me at Class Postings.

Annual Support is kicking into full gear with five months left in the current fiscal year. We are off to a good start both in terms of participation and contributions. Steve Sheresky and John Kjorlien have agreed to serve as Class Agents again this year, and will be worthy of your support, should they call. In that regard, many of you recently received the Annual Report for the 2004 fiscal year. One development of particular interest this past year was the establishment of the Christopher Beach Award for Excellence in The Performing Arts which, by my count, becomes the third endowed fund established at the direction of a member of our Class. There are also four Classmates who are members of the Boyden Society which recognizes individuals who have made legacy gifts to Deerfield.

In the course of studying the Class list, I have been able to learn something about what we do and where we live. With that in mind, I will close with the first in an occasional series of pop quizzes:

1. This year’s student body comes from 38 states and 21 foreign countries. How many states and foreign countries are represented by our Class?

2. What are the five states, after Massachusetts, with the greatest concentration of members of the Class of 1969, and how many Classmates live in each of those five states?

I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes to all.