Wednesday, January 05, 2005

January 2005 Letter

To my Classmates:

One of the perks of being Class Agent is a free subscription to The Scroll so that I get to see what’s on everyone’s mind before it eventually gets excerpted on the Alumni Web site. The January issue is full of interesting stories, some of which would have rung true in 1968, including “The Trustees begin search for new head of school” and “Inventive table heads spice up sit-down meals”. There are the requisite sports stories with girls’ hockey and figure skating getting prominent coverage. There is also talk about the impending release of The Pocumtuck as well as commencement, where the top three picks for speaker have boiled down to Lance Armstrong, Bill Clinton and Chevy Chase.

Finally, some of you may have noticed the sad story about Gordon Bailey ’04 last fall who died at college of alcohol poisoning after a hazing incident. His family has established The Gordie Foundation in his memory, the mission of which is “to stop hazing in any form and to provide advocacy for zero tolerance laws against hazing across the country”. During the second half of the Choate game I noticed green wristbands with “WWGD” being sold up and down the sidelines. I only learned today that the letters stood for “What Would Gordie Do”, and that all proceeds will go for the benefit of The Gordie Foundation.